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lily9889 Rank 4
21.12.2020, 08:11
The 'ghost' silhouettes popping up in a Scottish Borders village

It all began with a few sheep by the river. Since then horses, hippos, snakes and even a dragon have appeared.

Something curious has been going on in the village of West Linton since the first coronavirus lockdown and it is continuing in the run-up to Christmas.

A series of striking silhouettes have popped up out of nowhere, attracting a great deal of attention from residents.

But what is the explanation for this steady arrival of more than 30 public artworks in the village?

The cut-outs are the work of two men - with the help of others - who wish to remain anonymous and operate under the name Silhouettesman.

One of them explained that it all began as the coronavirus pandemic began to strike.

"It started during lockdown, there are two of us doing it," he explained.

"We had some scrap plywood and I said: 'I'm going to make some sheep'. We stuck them in the grass by the river in the village.

"We have got a very active Facebook page for the village and they got a lot of comments

From there, interest quickly escalated as more and more of the cut-outs went up.

"Then it just kind of exploded - lots of people started visiting them," he said.

"We got loads of positive feedback. People told us they have given us a reason to leave the house and take the kids out."

With the local playpark out of use, Silhouttesman decided to turn his attentions there.

"It looks like a fort, it kinds of needs a dragon on it," he thought and one was duly produced.

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